A Harry Potter themed dining club is set to launch in London this summer

Anyone for an edible Hogwarts letter?

A new Harry Potter themed dining club is set to launch this summer – and it looks like you’ll be able to enjoy a feast that is worthy of being served in The Great Hall of Hogwarts.

The Harry Potter dinner series will launch at private members club The Library in Covent Garden, and will see fans of J.K. Rowling’s phenomenon dining out on a magical seven course menu.

It all starts at The Library’s own Platform 9 3/4, where guests will enjoy a glass of Butterbeer or Firewhiskey before receiving their all important Hogwarts Letter, which also happens to be edible, and tucking into a trio of starters.


The Harry Potter dining series takes place across August & September

To kick things off, it’s Devil’s Snare’ (chia seed, seaweed and courgette) followed by the ‘Who is Peter Minus’ (lamb, cinnamon and onion crumble) and finishing with the ‘Triwizard Tournament’ (baby red mullet).

After that, it’s straight onto the exotic main courses, with the main courses consisting of ‘Hatstall’ (beef fat with bread and chicken liver parfait) and ‘Secret Keeper’ main courses (smoked anguilla in kimchi broth).

The ‘Honeydukes dessert’

Then there’s the magical ‘Honeydukes’ desert – a white sesame sponge, goat cheese curd, figs and bay leaf ice cream.

It’s set to take place every Friday and Saturday night in August & September at a cost of £75 a head.


Meanwhile, J.K. Rowling recently revealed that a certain name isn’t as unique as we first expected – and explained how there was another wizard named Harry Potter who just so happened to be the great-grandfather of a certain bespectacled hero.