Harvey Weinstein responds to Salma Hayek’s statement calling him a ‘monster’

"Mr. Weinstein does not recall pressuring Salma"

Following Salma Hayek’s op-ed which revealed that disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein allegedly sexually harassed and threatened to kill her, Weinstein has responded.

Weinstein has been at the centre of a criminal investigation since late October, after an extensive outpouring of allegations including rape and sexual assault from scores of women in both America and the UK. He “unequivocally denies” any allegations of non-consensual sex.

Hayek worked with Weinstein on the 2002 movie ‘Frida’ and detailed Weinstein’s inappropriate behaviour throughout the production in a piece for The New York Times.

Weinstein’s harassment, Hayek says, ranged from him asking to her to take a shower to him to offers of massages and oral sex.

Hayek says she had to say “no to opening the door to him at all hours of the night, hotel after hotel, location after location, where he would show up unexpectedly, including one location where I was doing a movie he wasn’t even involved with.”

She accuses Weinstein of “physically dragging me out of the opening gala of the Venice Film Festival… so I could hang out at his private party with him and some women I thought were models but I was told later were high-priced prostitutes”.

Hayek also claims that Weinstein once told her: “I will kill you, don’t think I can’t.”

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein

Now, Harvey Weinstein and his lawyer team have released a statement addressing Salma’s op-ed, reports USA Today.

The statement begins: “Mr. Weinstein regards Salma Hayek as a first-class actress and cast her in several of his movies. He was very proud of her Best Actress Academy Award nomination for Frida and continues to support her work.”

It continues: “Mr. Weinstein does not recall pressuring Salma to do a gratuitous sex scene with a female costar and he was not there for the filming. However, that was part of the story, as Frida Kahlo was bisexual and the more significant sex scene in the movie was choreographed by Ms. Hayek with Geoffrey Rush”.

The statement explains Weinstein’s “boorish” behaviour as disappointment “in the cut of the movie—and a reason he took a firm hand in the final edit”.

  • For help, advice or more information regarding sexual harassment, assault and rape in the UK, visit the Rape Crisis charity website. In the US, visit RAINN.