Helen Mirren refuses to quit Phil Spector murder trial movie

Lana Clarkson campaigners have told actress to expect 'serious consequences' over her involvement

Helen Mirren has refused to drop out of a biopic about Phil Spector despite calls for her to quit from a pressure group claiming to represent the jailed music producer’s murder victim Lana Clarkson.

The HBO TV movie, which also stars Al Pacino in the lead role, will explore the relationship between Spector and his defence lawyer Linda Baden, played by Mirren. The 66-year-old replaced Bette Midler in the role earlier this month.

However, campaigners Friends Of Lana Clarkson have said there will be “serious consequences” if Mirren doesn’t pull out after claiming that the film will portray Spector in a positive light.

A spokesperson for Mirren told the Daily Mail the actress has no plans to pull out, commenting:

She’s in the movie. She’s not dropping out. That’s all she’s saying.

Friends Of Lana Clarkson have enlisted press agent Edward Lozzi – a former aide of ex-US president George Bush – to spearhead their protest campaign.

He insisted that the group had “respect” for Mirren, adding:

What we hope is that when she reads this script and sees Lana is being trashed, she will speak up and say, ‘This is not right’.

The group have suggested that “no Emmy nominations” will be among the consequences Mirren will have to face if she refuses to pull out of the project.

Spector was given a 19-years-to-life sentence in May 2009 for the murder of Clarkson, a B-movie actress, in 2003.

An appeal by Spector’s lawyers against his murder conviction was rejected earlier this year. The lawyers had urged the court to throw out the original sentence on the grounds that it was prejudiced by testimony from five women who claimed to be victims of gun-related incidents with the producer in the past.