‘Hellboy’ producers deny that star David Harbour walked off the set after feuds

The film was released yesterday

The producers of Hellboy have denied reports that star David Harbour left the set during the filming of the superhero movie.

The Dark Horse comics reboot debuted yesterday to a string of savage reviews – with one describing the film as “soulless.”

It also emerged that the production of the movie was equally tumultuous – with some reports claiming that there was a raft of behind-the-scenes tension between director Neil Marshall and producers Lawrence Gordon and Lloyd Levin.

In another surprising twist, it’s also been reported that David Harbour – who portrays Hellboy himself – actually walked off set during filming.

But a lawyer for Levin has strongly disputed the reports, and told The Wrap that rumours of Harbour repeatedly walking off set after feuding with Marshall were entirely untrue.

In a statement, attorney Martin Singer said: “My client has no recollection of that ever happening. To the contrary, David Harbour gave everything he was asked of and more during filming.”

While early reviews for Hellboy aren’t entirely promising, there was initial excitement when the first trailer debuted late last year.

“Awwwww, crap… Look who’s coming in April,” Harbour said in December 2018. “No, not the 50% still left of the Avengers – hell, that’s practically May…

“April 12th showers bring one Big Red Flower, beast of the apocalypse, The right hand of doom, the buttkicker of the BPRD, and a host of all kinds of big ole giants and witches and fairies and janky overgrown ugly pig monsters from your nightmares.”