Henry Cavill torn over dual ‘Man Of Steel’ roles

Actor also reveals he was inspired by Soviet 'Superman' story 'Red Son'

Man Of Steel star Henry Cavill has opened up about his lead role, admitting that he is torn by the two sides of it.

The Immortals star has to play mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent by day and the heroic Superman by night, both alter-egos of alien adoptee Kal-El.

Now, talking to the Los Angeles Times about the differences between the two roles, he said: “I have to be very careful what I say, only because I’ll get excited and talk about my process and then I might reveal too much stuff. Both are difficult and easy to play in their respective ways.

“Essentially yes, one is a disguise but the one that’s not a disguise is so unreal that it brings difficulties of its own with it. Overall, there’s no one that’s easier or less easy to play than the other. It’s a lot of fun having two characters in one role that are so intertwined with each other. It’s the same person, definitely, but it’s the presentation. And that is fun.”

Cavill also revealed that he took inspiration from the Superman comics over the years, but in particular Mark Millar‘s Red Son, which controversially recast Superman as a hero fighting for the Soviet Union instead of US interests. He said: With Red Son, I thought it was interesting as a different perspective. It was out there and I like that. It was essential to my character research, too. When you’ve got two polar opposite viewpoints of the same character, you will see what the authors consider the important baseline trend. I got to see that and see the different ways he would have developed and that was very useful to me.

“And because we are retelling the story and we are doing our own reinvention and a modernization for the screen, I get the opportunity to add my own interpretation of how he developed. So that was cool to look at Red Son and see what changed, what didn’t change and what that reveals about the baseline of Superman. You can find what is essential to Superman and what is nature vs. nurture by locating that baseline.”

Superman: Man Of Steel is due for release is June 2013.