Here’s what the critics have to say about ‘Molly’s Game’

Is the high-stakes poker drama a hit?

The first reviews have been released for Molly’s Game, and it seems that West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin could be gunning for glory once more

The high-stakes thriller is Sorkin’s first time behind the camera, and follows the true story of Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain), a Los Angeles waitress who set up an underground poker game that rapidly expanded to include both mobsters and members of the Hollywood elite.

Critics have now given a resounding thumbs-up to Sorkin’s directorial debut, with particular praise dished out to both Chastain and Idris Elba, who stars as Bloom’s lawyer.

In a four-star review for The Guardian, Wendy Ide wrote of Chastain: “If the screenwriting takes the starring role in this film, that’s only because so much of it is delivered by Chastain. She can take a line which is so written that you can subliminally hear Sorkin’s fingers tapping on his keyboard, and deploy it with such confidence and authority that we don’t even think to question its credibility.”

A similarly effusive review in The Spectator stated: “Jessica Chastain plays Molly brilliantly, charting her growth from reserved novice to steely and self-assured business woman. Idris Elba is on fine form, too, co-starring as Molly’s lawyer.”

Although Chastain’s performance has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award, not everyone was quite so enamoured with the film overall.

“Despite how much talk there is about it; interest fades, and Chastain’s technically astounding performance becomes so much noise’, a review in the LA Daily News stated.

Molly’s Game is out in UK cinemas now.