Here’s what happens in the two post-credits scenes of ‘Justice League’

Warning: Spoilers within

Justice League hit cinemas yesterday, and it’s fair to say that the first outing of the DC Comics collective isn’t garnering the greatest of responses.

But despite the lukewarm  reception, there’s still a fair amount of excitement among DC fans, and it’s largely down to the fact that it contains two post-credits sequences that offer a tantalising glimpse at the future direction of the DCEU.

The first is largely innocuous and sees The Flash (Ezra Miller) racing against Superman (Henry Cavill) to see who is fastest, an acknowledgement of the friendly long-running rivalry that has existed between the two in DC Comics.


The second, however, offers a pretty big hint about what’s coming next in the DCEU.

Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) is revealed to have escaped prison after being incarcerated at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Now, he’s sunning it up on a fancy yacht where he’s joined by Deathstroke, the deadly mercenary played by Joe Manganiello.

Manganiello’s involvement is significant because he was originally revealed to be the villain in Ben Affleck’s standalone Batman movie, before Affleck departed as director. 

In the brief segment, Luthor is seen mulling the possibility of starting a villainous equivalent of the Justice League, which could manifest itself in the form of the ‘Injustice League’, a team of villains that first appeared in DC Comics in 1989.


It’s a pretty big hint about the next foe that the Justice League will have to contend with.

Justice League is in cinemas now.