How Edgar Wright and James Gunn co-ordinated ‘Baby Driver’ and ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy: Volume 2’ soundtracks

"We just went back and forth"

‘Baby Driver’ director Edgar Wright has revealed how he shared a series of Twitter messages with ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy: Volume 2’ director James Gunn in a bid to avoid the same songs appearing in each film.

In Baby Driver, the titular hero is known for listening to an iPod while working as a getaway driver, while Guardians’ Peter Quill is renowned for listening to the Sony Walkman that his dead mother gifted to him as a child.

Now, Edgar Wright has revealed that he and close friend James Gunn were in constant contact throughout the production of their respective music-centric films to ensure that there wasn’t any repetition.

“James Gunn, who’s a friend of mine, we had this funny Twitter conversation — a secret conversation, rather, DMs — where I sort of, I messaged him, and I said ‘I hope nothing in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ is in ‘Baby Driver'”, Wright told The Washington Post.

“And he goes, ‘Oh, that’s a good point,’ and he says ‘Do you use ELO,’ and I said ‘No,’ and I said ‘Do you use Queen,’ and he said ‘No.’ We just went back and forth: ‘Do you use Barry White?’ ‘I nearly used Barry White, but no.

“So it just went back and forth like that, where we’re playing this amazing guessing game where neither of us would say what the tracks were but we’re just confirming that the same artists were not on the soundtrack.”

More recently, Edgar Wright also opened up on how he left the director’s chair on ‘Ant-Man’ and revealed that he has never seen the film since initially departing the project.

“I haven’t seen it and I haven’t even seen the trailer”, he told Uproxx.

“It would kind of be like asking me ‘Do you want to watch your ex-girlfriend have sex?’ Like, no I’m good.’”