Here’s Ryan Reynolds dressed as a unicorn for bizarre Korean TV appearance

Like you've never seen him before....

Ryan Reynolds has taken on one of his most bizarre roles yet – although for once it wasn’t a leading turn on the silver screen.

The Deadpool 2 star was seen assuming the role of a caped unicorn over the weekend as he made an appearance on one of South Korea’s biggest television shows.

As he promoted the superhero sequel, Reynolds stopped by to appear on King of Mask Singer,  a show that sees singers belting out tunes in elaborate costumes while judges’ backs are turned.

But while the show usually features everyday contestants, Reynolds chanced his arm by delivering a surprisingly efficient rendition of ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie.

In the footage from the show, Reynolds is seen impressing the judges who compliment his voice – while blissfully unaware of his true identity.

Upon realising, there’s utter disbelief from the judges – who quickly clamber to take a photo with the star.

Meanwhile, Deadpool 2 is set for release in UK cinemas tomorrow, and initial social reactions suggest that it could every bit as popular as the first film.