Here’s what the critics are saying about ‘Ready Player One’

Another masterpiece for Spielberg?

The first reviews are in for Ready Player One, and it looks like Steven Spielberg might have another addition to his bulging collection of classic films.

The sci-fi film, based on Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel, is set in 2045 and follows the story of Wade Watts, a poverty stricken teenager who finds solace in the OASIS, a virtual universe where you can do anything.

But when the founder of this alternate reality, James Halliday (Mark Rylance) dies, a huge hunt is launched to discover the digital Easter Egg hidden somewhere in his creation that will allow the finder to inherit his massive fortune.

In a glowing four star review for Digital Spy, Rosie Fletcher described it as “Spielberg’s best film in ages”.

“Mixing wild CG action scenes with gentle humour and an uplifting storyline about friendship, love, and not wasting your life playing computer games and watching ’80s movies, Ready Player One is a heart-swelling experience”, Fletcher wrote.

In a three-star review for the Independent, Geoffrey McNab described it as a “nerds delight” and singled out Spielberg’s “extraordinary versality”

“Released only a couple of months after his weighty political drama The Post, Ready Player One reminds us yet again of Spielberg’s extraordinary versatility. It is made with his customary fluency and shows an offbeat humour you wouldn’t normally associate with him”, he wrote.

But the film wasn’t without its detractors – with The Guardian’s Monica Castillo singling out its “thin plot and shallow characters”.
“While the movie is visually whimsical with its design and neon colors, the weakness of the source material still pokes out. Plot holes remain, despite screenwriter Zak Penn and Spielberg’s efforts to liven up the visuals and punch up the dialogue”, she wrote.

Ready Player One hits cinemas on March 29.