Here’s what the critics have to say about Eminem’s new rap drama ‘Bodied’

Is it a hit?

The reviews are in for Bodied, the new rap drama that Eminem has produced, and it’s looking pretty positive.

The anticipated movie was released in the US on Friday, billed as a satirical send-up of the rap battles that proved integral to the early stages of Eminem’s career.

It stars Calum Worthy as Adam, a young graduate student who discovers an unlikely passion for rap battles while writing his thesis on them.


In a glowing review, The New York Times’ Jeanette Katsoulis described it as a “shockingly funny battle rap satire”.

“Though losing some momentum in the middle, “Bodied” mostly maintains an irresistible, deliriously offensive roll, jabbing sharply at racism and misogyny with rhymes that spark and fizz”, Katsoulis wrote.

“The very opposite of a niche movie, it insists that only when we retreat to tribes do we risk belonging nowhere at all.”

Praise also came from Time Out’s Joshua Rothkopf, who described it as “maybe the most daring race-related movie since Spike Lee’s Bamboozled.”

“Bodied’s slyest aspect is the way it begins throbbing like the veins in Adam’s head”, he wrote.


“The rhymes infusing every scene, even during Kahn’s most incidental moments (Alex Larsen’s script is ingenious).”

But Rolling Stone’s David Frear wasn’t so sure. “Whether you pick a winner here or think they fight it out to a draw is your call”, he wrote in a three star review.

“Personally, we have to tip our caps to Kahn & Co.’s lines as an underdog story. We just know that satire-wise, there’s some killer bars left on the killing floor here.”

A UK release date is yet to be revealed.




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