Hilary Duff ‘paid $100k to leave new Bonnie And Clyde movie’

Actress reportedly dumped from project after announcing pregnancy

Hilary Duff has secured a $100,000 (£62,500) payout after being axed from the forthcoming new Bonnie And Clyde film, according to a report.

TMZ.com has claimed that the actress, who was due to play Bonnie Parker in The Story Of Bonnie And Clyde, was dumped from the project after announcing her pregnancy earlier this month. A clause in her “play-or-pay” contract apparently secured the windfall.

The star of US kids TV show Lizzie McGuire told the news source:

I dont wanna give them any more press than they’ve already gotten off me … I think [my] baby is a little bit more exciting.

Amanda Seyfriend has been touted as a replacement for Duff, but has apparently already turned down an offer to get on board.

Meanwhile, producers are also thought to be looking for a new Clyde Barrow after their original choice Kevin Zegers pulled out due to scheduling conflicts.

The classic 1967 original Bonnie And Clyde film, which starred Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway in the lead roles, scooped two Oscars and is now considered a landmark film of the New Hollywood era. It was adapted from the exploits of a real-life bank-robbing couple during the Great Depression of the US in the 1920s and ’30s.