‘House Of Cards’ is Netflix’s most-watched show

The US political drama starring Kevin Spacey is a big hit on the streaming service

Netflix has revealed that House Of Cards is their most-watched show.

The online streaming service say their first “home-grown” series, which they paid $100million for two seasons, has been a massive hit for them, but they have refused to disclose actual numbers.

Speaking at the D:Dive Into Media conference, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said: “We’re thrilled. I don’t want to give ratings, because it is a real apples-to-oranges comparison with network ratings.”

Sandaros refused to divulge the numbers as he believed it would be unfairly compared to TV ratings, however, he did reveal that subscribers who watched the first episode of the series went on to watch multiple episodes.

House Of Cards is the site’s first foray into original content and stars Kevin Spacey as Frank Underworld, a US democratic congressman and house whip who exacts revenge on those who betray him after he’s passed over in a promotion.

David Fincher, who directed Social Network, is an executive producer and director on the series, which has been adapted from a previous BBC mini-series of the same name, based on a novel by Lord Dobbs.

A second season of House Of Cards is currently in development. The first 13-episode series is currently available via Netflix.