Here’s how many ‘The Shining’ clips are used in ‘Doctor Sleep’

"We didn't want to appropriate footage"

Doctor Sleep, the new sequel to The Shining, comes out this week (October 30) and it features multiple throwbacks to the original.

Director Mike Flanagan has now revealed exactly how many Shining shots are used in the new film.

“We didn’t want to appropriate footage. There are three shots in the film that are reclaimed Kubrick footage,” Mike Flanagan told Digital Spy. “It was really important that if we were going to do this, we weren’t just taking this footage.


“It was that we were going to be recreating these sequences from the ground up, knowing that we wouldn’t ever get that perfect. And that was OK. It felt more honest to do our best attempt than to just take his.”

He continued: “You know, I am a lifelong [Stephen] King fanatic, and so I’m very protective of his characters and his intentions. But I’m also a lifelong Kubrick fanatic, and very protective of The Shining. So it was a very schizophrenic kind of experience,” he recalled.

“But we basically approached this as fans first, and ran it through this filter of: what is the movie that we want to see? If someone else was making it, what are the choices where we would say, ‘I wish they’d done this’ or ‘I wish they hadn’t done this’.”

Flanagan recently responded to Martin Scorsese’s controversial comments about Marvel cinema, using the director’s own words against him by recalling when Scorsese said that “movies are our dreams”.

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