Hugh Jackman denies breaking wrestler’s jaw – video

'Wolverine' star 'hit' Dolph Ziggler on 'WWE Raw'

Hugh Jackman has denied breaking the jaw of wrestler Dolph Ziggler.

The Australian star of Wolverine and The Prestige appeared on WWE Raw to promote forthcoming robot movie Real Steel and was seen stepping into the ring to confront Ziggler.

Jackman hit the wrestler, sending him crashing to the floor, and later admitted the contact had been “pretty hard”. He did, however, doubt Ziggler’s claims on Twitter ( that he’d suffered a hairline fracture in his jaw.


Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Jackman explained: “It was scripted that I would go for that punch. But just before we went on, Dolph was yelling at me, ‘You hit me man! Just f***ing hit me!’

“During rehearsal I said, ‘I’d like to do it, but I’ve spent 20 years pulling punches, trying not to hit. Trying to make it look real, but not really hit’. There’s no way. There’s cameras everywhere, there’s crowd everywhere, there’s no way we can ‘whiff it’, as they call it.”

Jackman added:

So I hit him. He said, ‘Hit me as hard as you can’. So I hit him pretty hard. And you can see it in my eyes.

“The next day I read he really broke his jaw and I wasn’t surprised – but I don’t think he did. He’s prone to exaggeration – which is why I hit him! Nah, just kidding!”

Real Steel is released in the UK on October 14. Watch Jackman vs Ziggler below.


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