Idris Elba “to replace Will Smith” as Deadshot in Suicide Squad sequel

"Elba was the first and only choice for Gunn and the studio".

Idris Elba is reportedly in discussions to replace Will Smith as Deadshot in the forthcoming sequel to Suicide Squad.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Elba is being lined up by Warner Bros after it was confirmed last week that Smith won’t be returning for the sequel.

While Elba’s involvement is yet to be officially confirmed, sources tell the publication that Elba met last week with Guardians of The Galaxy director James Gunn, who is creating the new take on the DC franchise.

“Elba met with Gunn on Friday and it went so swimmingly that talks began with the studio in earnest,” a source said.

They added that “Elba was the first and only choice for Gunn and the studio”.

It comes amid reports that Gunn’s take on the franchise will head in a new direction.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba

It was reported last year that Gunn is planning a “completely fresh take” on the franchise after joining Warner Bros in the wake of his acrimonious departure from Disney. It will see him focusing on an entirely new group of characters.

Although Margot Robbie could be lined up for a return as Harley Quinn, there are differing reports regarding the return of characters such as Rick Flagg (Joel Kinnaman).

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that Jared Leto’s standalone Joker movie won’t be happening after all.

As for Robbie, she will make her return as Harley Quinn in DC’s Birds of Preywhich is set for release in 2020.