Idris Elba seems to have revealed his upcoming character in ‘The Suicide Squad’

A new clip seemingly confirms some long-standing rumours about who Idris Elba will play

Idris Elba appears to have revealed which character in The Suicide Squad he is playing.

To celebrate Suicide Squad director James Gunn’s birthday, the cast compiled a bunch of messages for Gunn in a new video.

In the video, Elba appears in slow-motion with a growl superimposed over his voice, seemingly confirming long-standing rumours that he will play Bronze Tiger in the upcoming DC movie.


He wasn’t the only character to seemingly give hints about their upcoming characters: John Cale was seen in the video wielding two arcade guns, mirroring Peacemaker – a character who wields two guns the the comic book franchise.

David Dastmalchian was also seen with dots on his face in the video, apparently confirming rumours that he will play Batman villain the Polka Dot Man.

You can see the clip below:

Last week (July 31) Elba gave a further update on a planned Luther film.

Speaking to reporters after receiving a Special Award at the BAFTA TV awards, Elba confirmed the film was happening and that “the sky is the limit” when it came to what Luther could achieve in a film format.


Elba said: “I’ve maintained I’d like to see it come to a film, and that is where I think we are heading towards – a film. And I’m looking forward to making that happen. It is happening.”

He continued: “With film, the sky is the limit. You can be a little bit more bold with the storylines, and a little bit more international, and a little more up the scale. But John Luther is always going to be John Luther.”

Elba had previously told Sky News that a film was still in the works, saying he was “this close” to making it.