Idris Elba to be the next James Bond?

'Skyfall' actress Naomie Harris says actor should take over 007 role

Idris Elba has held talks about taking over the role of James Bond, according to Skyfall actress Naomie Harris.

Harris stars in the latest 007 flick alongside Daniel Craig, but in an interview with the Sun, she revealed that Elba had spoken to Bond producer Barbara Broccoli about portraying the famous secret agent in the future.

Elba rose to prominence for his portrayal of gangster Stringer Bell in HBO drama The Wire and has since gone on to star in several Hollywood blockbusters including Thor and Prometheus. The actor will also portray Nelson Mandela in a big-screen adaptation of the former South African president’s autobiography Long Walk To Freedom, which will also co-star Harris.

Speaking about Elba, Harris said: “I didn’t realise that there was this talk and then I did a film with Idris and he said that he met (Bond producer) Barbara Broccoli and that it does seem like there is a possibility in the future that there could very well be a black James Bond.

“I would have to vote for Idris because I just finished working with him and he’s a great guy.”

Previously, however, Elba has been keen to play down the importance of being the first black actor to portray James Bond, stating: “I just don’t want to be the black James Bond. Sean Connery wasn’t the Scottish James Bond, and Daniel Craig wasn’t the blue-eyed James Bond, so if I played him, I don’t want to be called the black James Bond.”

Skyfall is the 23rd Bond movie and has already been lavished with praise in the first wave of reviews by film critics. The film opened in UK cinemas yesterday (October 26), while current 007 Daniel Craig is believed to be signed up for at least two more movies.