“I’m over that”: Kevin Hart confirms he definitely won’t host the Oscars

"I'm over that, I’m over the moment."

Kevin Hart has confirmed that he definitely won’t the Oscars this year, claiming that he is “over it”.

The US comedian stepped down from the prestigious gig in December 2018 after a slew of homophobic tweets were discovered. 

But while chat show host Ellen DeGeneres has led calls for him to be reinstated ahead of the ceremony next month, Hart now says that “it’s not in God’s plan for him right now’.


Speaking on Good Morning America, the comedy star explained: “It’s hard to predict what can happen. I don’t want people to think there’s a thing about me and the Academy.”

When asked about the resulting controversy from his ‘Ellen’ appearance , Hart admitted that he was “over it” and confirmed that he definitely won’t be hosting the ceremony.

“I’m over that, I’m over the moment, and I’m about today, so if it’s accepted, great, if it’s not, it’s nothing I can control. Some things are left out of your hands, so I’m done with it. I’m over it,” he explained.

“I have explained how I evolved, which makes me say, I’m over it. I’m not saying how I’ve changed anymore, I’m not saying what I’ve done and what the new me is, I’m not giving no more explanation of who I am. I’ve done it, I’ve done it several times, I’ve tweeted it, I said it when I went on Ellen, I said it on my radio show. I’m just done.”


He added: “If you didn’t [hear the apology], I don’t know what you’re looking for. I’m a good person, I love to love, if you don’t see that then it’s a problem with you.”

It was previously claimed that Hart had submitted a letter of apology to the Academy with hopes that he will be reinstated.

As for the Oscars, it’s claimed that a selection of guest presenters on rotation is being considered in Hart’s absence.