‘Indiana Jones’ whipped by Barbra Streisand in rare ‘Temple Of Doom’ footage – video

Practical joke features singer dressed as dominatrix

Rare footage of an onset practical joke filmed during Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom has surfaced online featuring Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Irvin Kershner and Barbra Streisand.

Discovered by JoBlo.com, the footage shows Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford tied to a rock about to be whipped when who should step out to deliver his punishment but singer and actress Barbra Streisand, dressed as a dominatrix.

As Streisand whips Ford she mocks his movie choices and how much he’ll take home in payment for Return Of The Jedi, at which point Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher, jumps in to protect Ford.

To make things even more bizarre, the late Irvin Kershner – director of The Empire Strikes Back – steps into frame and proceeds to deride Steven Spielberg‘s direction.

The footage, which you can see below, is of exceptionally poor quality but JoBlo has taken the time to transcribe every word.

Somewhat controversially, Barbra Streisand states “I feel like a faggot” at the end of the clip.

Whether the video was ever supposed to see the light of day, and whether it will be attached to the forthcoming Blu-ray editions, has yet to be revealed.