‘Iron Man 3’ to be partly shot in China

Location announcement fuels rumours of The Mandarin as potential foe

The makers of Iron Man 3 have announced that part of the film will be shot on location in China, reigniting the belief that The Mandarin would be the superhero’s adversary.

Last week, Sir Ben Kingsley was revealed as the villain for the third/fourth outing and speculation immediately began that he would be playing the role of comic book favourite The Mandarin, a wealthy scientist partly responsible for Tony Stark’s original imprisonment.

While the rumours that the Sexy Beast actor would play the iconic bad guy were quickly quashed, the shooting location announced today suggests that The Mandarin may well be one of two enemies taking on Tony Stark.

As well as being filmed in China the superhero sequel will also be co-funded by ‘The Walt Disney Company China’ as well as it’s original Marvel Studio backers and a third party, DMG Entertainment.

The first Iron Man, despite coming after Ang Lee’s 2002 take on The Hulk, was the first film in the series to garner interest in the forthcoming Avengers Assemble. In the first of the oft repeated post credits sequences, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, leader of The Avengers, came to sarcastically congratulate Tony Stark on his Iron Man success.

Robert Downey Jr will appear as Tony Stark/Iron Man in Avengers Assemble out April 27. Iron Man 3 will be directed by Lethal Weapon writer Shane Black and is due for release in May 2013.