Is Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s ‘A Star Is Born’ an instant classic?

A review posted before the film's review embargo seems to suggest so

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga‘s A Star Is Born could be an instant classic – according to one review of the upcoming movie.

Cooper has directed and co-written the remake of the film, which has starred Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, and more, over previous iterations. He also stars in it, playing the lead role of Jackson Maine, an established country singer whose star is on the wane. Gaga appears as Ally, a rising singer-songwriter taken under Maine’s wing.

A review embargo is in place for the film, but Talkhouse accidentally published their assessment of the movie early. The review, which has since been taken down, suggested the film could be heading for instant classic status.


“Every once in a while, though, I come across a movie that I’m immediately sure will endure for as long as there are movies and people to watch them, and I get that sense not just after one viewing but before that viewing is even over,” the reviewer wrote. They added they had gotten that feeling while first watching GoodFellas, Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven, and Boogie Nights.

“Now it has happened again with Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born,” they said, continuing to praise Cooper’s work “ambitious” and “controlled and cohesive” work behind the camera.

“It’s one of those rare movies that grabs you from the opening shot and then just gets better and better with each passing scene; within the first few minutes, you know you’re in the hands of a born filmmaker and you can just sit back with the trust that your faith will be rewarded – which it is, many times over.”

Earlier this month, Gaga said working with Cooper on the film had “changed” her. “Watching Bradley work was phenomenal and then having him believe in me – it gave me more ammunition to believe in myself and I just feel so blessed to have had that experience,” she said. 


In return, Cooper said the ‘Joanne‘ singer had shown him that “[the sky’s the limit if you find a companion artistically and you have a project.” “There is no dream too big,” he said. “What people can do together is so much more powerful than what they can do by themselves.”

A Star Is Born is set to arrive in cinemas on October 5 and will premiere at the Venice Film Festival later this week. Watch the first trailer for it above.

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