Isla Fisher ignores husband Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Borat’ plans so she “can sleep at night”

"If he gives me the information up front, I put the kibosh on it"

Isla Fisher has said she ignores Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat plans in order to “sleep at night”.

The actress, who has been married to Cohen since 2010, told Herald Sun that she prefers to remain in the dark when it comes to any upcoming pranks.

“I’m lucky in that I’m not privy to the information usually until it happens, so I don’t see that he was at a gun rally until he’s home safe,” Fisher said in reference to a scene in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.


She added: “I think he’s learnt the hard way that if he gives me the information up front, that I put the kibosh on it.

“I find out what’s happened afterwards, and that’s how I can sleep at night, otherwise I’d be too worried.”

In other Borat news, Sacha Baron Cohen recently donated £77,000 to the community of Jeanise Jones, a woman who was pranked in the recent sequel. Jones had said she felt “betrayed” by Cohen as she was told she wouldn’t appear in the film, and that she was participating in a real documentary.

The money will go towards providing people in Oklahoma with shelter and food following an ice storm in the area last week. It will be distributed by the local Ebenezer Baptist Church, led by Reverend Scobey.

In a three-star review of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, NME said: “There are still scenes of stunning impropriety, but they are fewer in number. It’s strange to say, given Twitter’s perpetual state of indignation, but a lot of what Borat says in this movie won’t seem scandalous.”