Dogs watch ‘Isle Of Dogs’ at special pet-friendly screening


Isle of Dogs‘ is a movie for people of all ages and apparently dogs as well as seen in one special cinema in Edinburgh that allowed owners to bring their pet dogs to watch the film.

The newest movie from Wes Anderson is a stop-motion tale that follows a pack of dogs who are forced to fight for survival after a canine-borne disease in Japan results in their exile to a bleak and barren island. It’s the director’s first film since 2014’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’.

The Cameo cinema in Edinburgh put on a sold-out screening where they kitted their establishment with water-bowls, blankets and biscuits sold at the confectionary counter. Other cinemas across the UK put on similar canine-friendly events for preview showings of ‘Isle of Dogs’.

Some attendees were elated by the idea of being able to go out to the cinema without worrying about leaving their puppies at home. One cinema-goer said, “When Gordon was a puppy I was basically housebound. It was like having a newborn baby, and I was missing loads of films.”

Check out photos of the dog-accessible screening over at The Guardian. See the trailer for ‘Isle Of Dogs’ below.

‘Isle of Dogs’ was recently caught up in a wave of controversy following accusations of cultural appropriation of Japanese culture.

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Critic Justin Chang, reviewing the film for the Los Angeles Times, wrote that Anderson’s picture is “often captivating”, but its “cultural sensitivity gets lost in translation”.