Watch three new creepy clips from ‘IT’

A new poster for the forthcoming adaptation of Stephen King's classic horror novel has also been released

A new trio of extended preview clips from the forthcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s IT have been released, with one clip in particular featuring the film’s terrifying villain Pennywise.

The new film, which takes visual cues from the original 1990 miniseries of the same name, is set for a worldwide release on September 8. Adapted from King’s 1984 novel, the movie has been directed by Andrés Muschietti from a script co-written by True Detective and Beasts Of No Nation film-maker Cary Fukunaga.

With just under two weeks to go until its grand release, a new set of clips from IT have been released. The first, entitled ‘This Town Is Cursed’, features The Losers Club discussing the spooky goings-on in Derry, while the second is a shortened version of Georgie’s infamous meeting scene with Pennywise.

The final clip, called ‘I Don’t Want To Go Missing Either’, sees the boys discussing whether they should go on a rescue mission.

A new promotional poster for the film has also been released. Produced by Half Hazard Press, the image depicts Georgie walking into Pennywise’s giant mouth.

Meanwhile, a cinema in Austin is offering clown-only screenings of IT when the new film hits theatres next month.