Jack Whitehall is now working on a ‘Bad Education’ movie

Third and final series of the acclaimed secondary school sitcom aired last year

Jack Whitehall is working on a Bad Education movie, according to his father.

Whitehall created, co-wrote and starred in the acclaimed BBC Three sitcom set in a secondary school. His character, Alfie Wickers, was billed as “the worst teacher ever to grace the British education system”.

Bad Education debuted in 2012 and returned for a second series in 2013, and then a third and final series last year. However, Whitehall is now said to be planning to revive it on the big screen.

“I think Jack will end up being a very successful actor in film and television,” his father, Michael Whitehall, told the Radio Times. “I don’t think he will be playing Hamlet but he’s a great comic actor. He’s doing a film of Bad Education.”

Last year, Whitehall also starred in a pilot episode for an American remake of Bad Education, but US network ABC ultimately decided to pass on the project. He and his father Michael are now appearing together in the second series of their BBC Two talk show Backchat, which began on Monday (January 5).