Jack Whitehall linked with role in possible Jamie Vardy biopic

The filmmaker interested in bringing Vardy to the big screen has revealed his casting preferences

Comedian Jack Whitehall could be in line for a role in the potential film biopic about footballer Jamie Vardy.

Whitehall is apparently the preferred choice to play the role of the Leicester City striker’s agent John Morris, according to Adrian Butchart, the filmmaker behind the project. The story of Vardy’s meteoric rise from non-league footballer to Premier League champion has enthralled football fans across the world this season, with talk of a film about Vardy’s life first surfacing back in December.

The Sun reports that, along with Whitehall, Butchart wants One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson to play the leading role, while Westlife singer Nicky Bryne is the preferred choice to play the role of Leicester’s goalkeeper, Kasper Schmeichel.


Butchart told the paper that “it’s very important to the authenticity of the football sequences to have actors who can also play well,” citing the recent Soccer Aid charity match as a talent-spotting venture. “After the [Soccer Aid] game, several of the celebs expressed an interest in being in the film.”

When talk of a film about the England forward first surfaced back in December, names such as Ryan Gosling and Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio were apparently being considered for roles in the biopic.

A Warner Brothers source said at the time, in an interview with The Daily Star, that movie studios were looking to turn the story into a film. “There is a lot of excitement about the Vardy project because companies have been looking at a new feel-good picture like [1989 baseball movie] Field Of Dreams for some time.”

“When the research was done it was realised that soccer is very much attracting attention all over the States now,” the source allegedly added.

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