Jackie Weaver wants Helen Mirren to play her in a Handforth Parish Council film

Weaver hosted a now-viral Zoom meeting which "descended into chaos"

Jackie Weaver has said she would like Helen Mirren to play her in a film.

Weaver hosted a now-viral Zoom meeting, chairing the Handforth Parish Council meeting which “descend[ed] into chaos”, said one Twitter user.


Appearing on The Project yesterday (February 9) to discuss her newfound internet fame, Weaver was asked by host Carrie Bickmore which actress she would like to play her in a film.

“Oh! Helen Mirren. I think definitely Helen,” Weaver said.

Bickmore responded saying “I would have gone with Jacki Weaver!” referring to the Australian actress who shares the British woman’s name. “But Helen’s just as good.”

Jacki Weaver
Australian actress Jacki Weaver (Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images)

Referring to the viral call in which Weaver was scorned over misread standing orders, Bickmore asked Jackie if she had “read and understood the standing orders” before their interview.

Weaver replied: “I have had them tattooed in a place that I cannot possibly share with you!”


In the call, chairman Brian Tolver had shouted: “You have no authority here, Jackie Weaver. No authority at all!” before Weaver removed him from the call.

She was then scorned by the vice-chair, who said: “Read the standing orders! Read them and understand them!”

Last week, the viral Handforth Parish Council meeting was reimagined as an indie song by Twitter user Michael Fry.

“The Handforth Parish Council Zoom Meeting but it’s performed by an Indie band,” his tweet read, with the video seeing him reading out particular lines from the hilarious meeting.