Jake Gyllenhaal to replace Ben Affleck as Batman?

'The Batman' director Matt Reeves is reportedly keen on Gyllenhaal taking over role

Jake Gyllenhaal could replace Ben Affleck as the next Batman, according to reports.

Collider journalist John Campea recently claimed that Gyllenhaal had met with Matt Reeves, who is set to direct the long-touted The Batman standalone film, about the possibility of taking over from Affleck.

“That is the name that was floated,” Campea said in a YouTube video. “There has been some conversations, but it’s not a sure thing this is happening. It’s not a lock, it may not happen.”


Campea also suggested that the decision to recast Batman was made earlier this year but its announcement has been delayed to avoid bad press surrounding the new Justice League film, in which Affleck’s Batman appears.

Gyllenhaal had previously auditioned to be Batman for 2005’s Batman Begins, losing out on the role to Christian Bale.

However, the star has appeared less keen about going up for the role again. Gyllenhaal told the Metro last year: “I just don’t think I would fit there. As I get older I am much less interested in hoping people see me in a certain way and more interested in just doing whatever I’m doing. They can like it or not. This is where I am.”

Affleck has portrayed Batman in last year’s flop Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as this year’s Justice League. It was reported earlier this year that he was being “ushered out” of the role.


The actor recently responded to the criticism of Batman v Superman, saying that he could “understand” the “fair” complaints.