James Bond ‘Skyfall’ director likens movies to ‘Doctor Who’

Sam Mendes praises the way both characters can 'regenerate'

James Bond director Sam Mendes has liked the series to Doctor Who.

Mendes helms Skyfall, Daniel Craig‘s third outing as 007. And in a new interview, he has compared Bond’s longevity to the way the character is able to ‘regenerate’ just like the Timelord in the BBC sci-fi show.

He told Collider: “What I feel like is, you know, we have Doctor Who, and I was brought up on the idea of Doctor Who, who at the end of his final episode, he dissolves and a new actor pops up and he regenerates and it’s a whole other character.

“Sometimes it’s an old man, sometimes it’s a young man, but he just changes. I’ve always loved that idea.” Mendes had been talking about the first time the Bond actor changed, from Sean Connery to the one-off turn from George Lazenby in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. He said, “It’s commonly considered a neglected classic, and I think it is. I think it’s where you see him, as a character, pushed to the edge because he does fall in love and he loses her.

“I think that Lazenby was dealt a pretty cruel hand because he was following Connery who they just did a home run [with] the first time they got to the bat. And then they asked him to do strange things which I thought spoke a little bit of their insecurity, for example, right at the beginning, he turns and says to camera, ‘That wouldn’t happen with the other guy’.”

Mendes continued: “They were playing almost embarrassment, almost apologised for having a new Bond and I thought that was wrong, and one thing I thought they got right was [Craig’s debut] Casino Royale. There was a kind of, ‘We don’t need Q, we don’t need Moneypenny. We’ve got this character. We’re going right back to basics. He’s real, he’s in a real situation. Let’s start all over again’. I thought that was very refreshing.”

Skyfall is released in the UK on October 26.