James Cameron gives ‘Avatar’ sequels update

The first sequel to the 2009 movie is scheduled for release in December 2016

James Cameron has spoken about the progress on his forthcoming Avatar sequels.

Speaking to RTL (via Collider) about working on the sequels to the blockbuster sci-fi film, he said: “We’re still in the early stages. Right now we’re developing the software. I’m writing the scripts. We’re designing all the creatures and characters and the settings, and so on. So I’m not actually directing yet, but I’m doing all the other creative processes that lead up to that.”

He added: “It’s going very well. I think it’s going to be spectacular. You’ll see new worlds, new habitats, new cultures. The primary conflict between the human view of dominating nature and the Na’vi view of being integrated into nature is the same, but it manifests itself in very different ways.”

Director Cameron recently compared his forthcoming Avatar sequels to The Godfather. Cameron will shoot all three of the follow-up films in New Zealand, and the new pictures will focus on lead character Jake, who is played by Sam Worthington, and his new life on the planet Pandora.

Released in 2009, Cameron’s Avatar became the highest-grossing movie of all-time, a title it still holds, with worldwide box office takings exceeding $2.7 billion (£1.7 billion). The first sequel is scheduled for release in December 2016 with the third and fourth films set to follow in 2017 and 2018.