James Corden hasn’t seen ‘Cats’ yet but has “heard it’s terrible”

The 'Gavin & Stacey' creator appears alongside Taylor Swift and more in the much-maligned new movie.

Cats star James Corden has revealed that he hasn’t seen the new film yet, but says he has “heard it’s terrible”.

The new live-action version of the popular musical came out last week, and has made headlines for its controversial use of CGI.

Corden, who plays Bustopher Jones in Tom Hooper’s adaptation of the classic Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, spoke out while while appearing on Zoe Ball’s Radio 2 show alongside his fellow Gavin & Stacey co-stars, who will reunite on Christmas Day for a new one-off special.


“I haven’t seen it, I’ve heard it’s terrible,” Corden said.

“The reviews have been a bit harsh,” Zoe added, before Larry Lamb, who plays Mick Shipman in Gavin & Stacey, joked: “It’s got some brilliant reviews.”

Cats musical film taylor swift 2019
Judi Dench in ‘Cats’. Credit: Universal Pictures

It was recently revealed that cinemas will be receiving an updated version of Cats with “some improved visual effects” after fans complained about some of the CGI in the film.

Earlier this month, director Tom Hooper revealed that the controversial new live-action film had to be largely remade after the hugely critical reaction its first trailer received.

Jason Derulo, another star of the film, responded angrily to the negative reception the movie has received from critics ahead of its release in cinemas.


A three-star NME review of Cats said that “despite a last-minute redesign, Tom Hooper’s big-screen musical stops short of disaster.”

The review continues: “All things considered, Cats does well to avoid a second mauling at the hands of the Internet meme mob. It might not be for everyone, but leave your cynicism at the door and you’ll find that there’s unexpected fun to be had here – despite the weirdness.”