James Franco previews ‘The Disaster Artist: The Making Of The Room’

Franco will direct and star in the film based on the making of Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room'

James Franco has begun work on The Disaster Artist: The Making Of The Room.

Franco announced earlier this year that he would be working with Seth Rogen on a film adaptation of the book The Disaster Artist, which tells the behind-the-scenes story of the making of Tommy Wiseau’s notoriously terrible cult 2003 movie The Room.

As reported by Consequence of Sound, Franco will direct and star in the new film as lead role Tommy Wiseau, the writer, director, producer and star of the original film. His brother Dave Franco will play Greg Sestro, the actor who played Mark in The Room and the author of the subsequent tell-all book, The Disaster Artist.


The Franco brothers began work on the film yesterday (December 7), with James Franco posting a photo to Instagram of the pair in costume with the caption “THE DISASTER ARTIST: The making of THE ROOM.” It has begun!!!!!”

See the post below:

“THE DISASTER ARTIST: The making of THE ROOM.” It has begun!!!!!

A photo posted by James Franco (@jamesfrancotv) on

Meanwhile, Tommy Wiseau recently revealed he was keen to make the sequel to Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four, the superhero reboot starring Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell, opened earlier this year to overwhelmingly negative reviews including a 3/10 verdict from NME. On the eve of its release, director Josh Trank appeared to disown the film by criticising its final cut.

During a recent interview Wiseau appeared to pitch to direct the sequel. “Let me put it this way, I like it, I did enjoy it number one,” the film-maker told Milwaukee magazine. “Number two, it’s too bad they didn’t call me, that’s all I want to say and I rest my case.”

Wiseau then added: “Good response in Europe though, that’s my understanding, but it’s too bad they didn’t call me, that’s my point. Maybe if there’s a sequel, you know. You know, maybe your article gets me that job, who knows what will happen.”


Wiseau even offered to give the magazine’s journalist his “commission fee” if 20th Century Fox hires him to direct the sequel.

Though Wiseau has yet to direct another feature film since The Room, which regularly appears on lists of the worst movies ever made, he has recently written, directed and starred in the poorly-received Hulu sitcom The Neighbors.

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