Jared Leto says cinemas probably “wouldn’t exist” without Marvel movies

He stars as Marvel character Morbius in the upcoming film of the same name

Jared Leto has said that he doesn’t believe cinemas would have survived had it not been for the success of the Marvel films.

The actor, who portrays otherworldly bloodsucker Morbius in the upcoming Marvel movie of the same name, said in a new interview that cinemas most likely still operate because of the draw such comic book films have on audiences.

“If it wasn’t for Marvel films, I don’t even know if theatres would exist,” he told Variety. He admitted that he is “a bit of a snob when it comes to film” but that he’s worried about the financial health of the industry, and therefore thinks that superhero blockbusters need to be appreciated for the vital lifeline they supply.


“It doesn’t seem like there’s room for everyone, and that starts to become a little heartbreaking,” he added, suggesting that he’s also cognisant of Marvel’s dominance.

Elsewhere in the interview, the actor and musician said that he’d continue portraying the character in potential sequels. He also expressed interest in having Morbius interact with Venom, Spider-Man and other Marvel heavyweights. “That’s half the fun,” he said.

And he said that he’s open to reprising the Joker (from 2016’s Suicide Squad) if Warner Bros. asked him. “Never say never,” Leto added.

In January, Sony delayed the release of Morbius by another two months due to a surge in US cases of the Omicron variant of COVID. The ongoing success of Spider-Man: No Way Home also contributed to the decision.

Morbius, the third film in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (following Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage) was originally due to be released in July 2020.


Leto is the anti-hero Dr. Michael Morbius in the movie. After being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, he’s determined to save himself and others but the “cure” comes at a price, transforming him into a vampire-like creature.

Morbius is released in UK cinemas on March 31 and in US cinemas on April 1.