Jason Bateman on ‘Arrested Development’ movie: ‘It’s at least a year away’

In the meantime, Netflix will premiere 15 new episodes of the cult US sitcom on May 26

Jason Bateman has given an update on the long-promised Arrested Development movie.

Netflix has revived the cult US sitcom after a seven-year hiatus and will premiere 15 brand new episodes simultaneously on May 26. Alongside Bateman, original cast members Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett and Michael Cera have all reprised their roles as members of the eccentric and dysfunctional Bluth clan.

Earlier this year (2013), the show’s creator Mitch Hurwitz revealed that he wants to follow the new episodes with a full-length Arrested Development feature film. When asked about its status by IAMROGUE.COM, Bateman replied: “The movie is not a done deal yet. In fact, I don’t even think they’ve started making a deal for that yet.”


However, he insisted the film is definitely a priority for the Arrested Development team after the new season because “one doesn’t really work without the other”. Continuing, Bateman explained that the new season is “actually a bunch of episodes that sets up the movie – it asks a bunch of questions that the movie then answers, so it’s kind of a package”.

Bateman admitted fans may have to wait for those answers, though, adding: “Unfortunately there’s probably gonna be about a year, maybe year and a half, between the two. So you’ll end up having to watch these episodes again. It wasn’t perfectly scheduled, but we were just happy to get together as soon as we could.”

Arrested Development was originally broadcast on US network Fox between 2003 and 2006. Despite being a critics’ favourite and winning six Emmy awards, the show was dropped after three seasons because of low ratings.