Jason Schwartzman confirmed for new Wes Anderson movie

He joins Bill Murray in 'The Grand Budapest Hotel', Anderson's follow-up to 'Moonrise Kingdom'

Jason Schwartzman has joined the cast of The Grand Budapest Hotel, the new movie from Wes Anderson.

In recent years, Schwartzman has become a regular Wes Anderson collaborator, having appeared in four previous movies by the cult filmmaker, including this year’s Moonrise Kingdom and 2009’s Fantastic Mr Fox.

Talking to Moviehole, Schwartzman confirmed that he has now signed up for Anderson’s next project, saying: “Yes, I’m going to be in it”, before adding: “I’m very excited about it. It’s a beautiful movie.”

Another Anderson favourite, Bill Murray, has already confirmed his involvement, but the director is being typically secret about the film. The Grand Budapest Hotel is billed simply as “a European story” and Anderson has refused to name other cast members.

Earlier this month (October 2012), it was reported that Ralph Fiennes is in talks to play a character called M Gustave, described as “the hotel’s perfectly composed concierge”. Jude Law and Owen Wilson are also rumoured to be involved.

Meanwhile, Murder She Wrote legend Angela Lansbury was set to appear in a small role, but has since pulled out because of stage commitments. The Grand Budapest Hotel is set to begin filming in Germany shortly.