Jennifer Lawrence had lots of fun necking wine and climbing over chairs at the Oscars


Jennifer Lawrence has been praised for her antics at the Oscars last night, after the acclaimed star was seen clambering over chairs with a glass of wine in hand as she attempted to take her seat for the ceremony.

Lawrence, who previously won Best Actress for 2012’s Silver Linings Playbook, joined forces with Jodie Foster as she presented the same award to Frances McDormand for her role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

But it was Lawrence’s brilliantly devil-may-care attitude at the ceremony that attracted praise, with the star holding the leg of her dress as she delicately attempted to manoeuvre the rows of seats inside the Kodak Theatre.

“Jennifer Lawrence climbing over seats in that dress without spilling a drop of wine deserves an Oscar, tbh”, one Twitter account claimed.

Another said: “Jennifer Lawrence climbing over a seat while holding a glass of wine to get to her oscars seat is my aesthetic”.

Lawrence’s involvement with Foster at the ceremony came after the removal of Casey Affleck, who was dropped from presenting the Best Actress award after facing historic sexual assault allegations.

“It’s a new day in Hollywood”, Lawrence said as she presented the award – referencing the emergence of the Me Too movement in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations faced by a slew of Hollywood stars.