Jennifer Lawrence speaks out on being ‘certainly mistreated’ throughout her career

The actor recalled moments with executives that "we would now call abusive"

Jennifer Lawrence has spoken out about being “certainly mistreated” throughout her career.

The actor stars in the new movie Red Sparrow, which was released today (March 1). In it, she plays a Russian ballerina-turned-spy Dominika Egorova.

Speaking to CNN‘s Christiane Amanpour, Lawrence said she had experienced behaviour from executives in the film industry that “now we would call abusive”.

“When I hear the harrowing the stories of Harvey Weinstein’s victims, I don’t feel right putting myself in that exact category,” she said. “I was certainly mistreated. I was definitely treated in a way that now we would call abusive.

“I had to deal with being young and I had to put up with executives or higher-ups putting their hands on my legs and not feeling like I could say, ‘Please don’t do that’.

The actor added that she thought change would come if victims were given a safe space. “97 percent of sexual abuse allegations are true – there’s the three percent that isn’t,” she said. “I feel, over the past, we’ve focused on the three percent and it’s been so easy to say, ‘Oh, she’s lying.’ If we create a community where survivors can come forward and talk, then there’s going to be change and there’s going to be no way of going backwards.”

Meanwhile, Lawrence revealed in another interview the one film role she was “devastated” that she didn’t get. Speaking to Howard Stern, she said she was disappointed at not getting a role in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.