Jennifer Lawrence: ”The Hunger Games’ is an important story for our generation’ – video

The actress plays the heroine in the new action epic

The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has declared that the film has important messages for the modern age.

The actress stars in the new adaptation of the hit young adult novel as Kaitniss Everdeen, a young woman who volunteers for a televised fight to the death in order to save her younger sister.

In the dystopian future in which the film is set, an oppressive state controls the populous by forcing a group of young people into battle each year. And in our video interview, which you can watch above, she says that the story is important for the current generation.


Lawrence says: “These books, you don’t read them in more than a week. I read all three in three-to-four days. They’re exciting and they’re thrilling and you don’t know what’s going to happen next, and they’re unpredictable. But also its a great and – I think – important story for our generation.

“The reason that they’re as heartbreaking as they are is because of the brutality and because of the unnecessary violence, and the violence that’s used as entertainment.”

Lawrence went on to lavish praise on director Gary Ross. She said: “He’s brilliant, and he’s very technical but he can emotionally communicate with actors. He helped me so much with my character and he created an amazing movie. When I saw the movie I was just blown away, he did such an amazing job.”

The Hunger Games is released this Friday (March 23). You can read our review here.