Jeremy Clarkson on sacking reports: ‘I haven’t heard a thing’

Suspended 'Top Gear' presenter rebuts reports that he has already been fired

Jeremy Clarkson has insisted he hasn’t “heard a thing” about his future at the BBC following a newspaper report claiming that the suspended Top Gear presenter will be sacked today (March 25).

Following the report in the Daily Telegraph, which also claimed that BBC executives are “wooing” Chris Evans to replace him on Top Gear, Clarkson took to Twitter to reassure fans that he has yet to be informed of his fate.

‘Speaking at a charity event last Thursday (March 19), Clarkson appeared to claim that he has already been fired by the BBC, but the presenter has since insisted that his comments were “all meant in jest”.

The BBC’s internal investigation into suspended presenter Clarkson, which is being headed by Ken MacQuarrie, the director of BBC Scotland, began last Monday (March 16) and is due to be handed to Director-General Tony Hall this week. An online petition to reinstate the suspended presenter has now attracted over one million supporters.

The BBC announced on March 10 that the Top Gear presenter has been suspended “pending an investigation” following a “fracas” with a producer. It has since been reported that Clarkson “saw red” after discovering that no dinner had been provided after a long day’s filming and allegedly hit an assistant producer who has worked on the show for around 10 years. However, this has yet to be confirmed by the BBC.