Jeremy Clarkson says he expects BBC to fire him ‘very soon’

'Top Gear' presenter was suspended on Tuesday (March 10) following a 'fracas' with a producer

Jeremy Clarkson has apparently admitted that he expects to be fired by the BBC “very soon”.

The BBC announced on Tuesday afternoon (March 10) that the Top Gear presenter has been suspended “pending an investigation” following a “fracas” with a producer. It has since been reported that Clarkson “saw red” after discovering no dinner had been provided after a long day’s filming and allegedly hit an assistant producer who has worked on the show for around 10 years. However, this has yet to be confirmed by the BBC.

Asked by the Daily Mirror last night (March 11) if he expects to lose his job over the alleged incident, Clarkson is said to have replied: “Well, it’s coming, isn’t it?” He is then said to have added: “Honestly, it’s very soon. Let’s just let sleeping dogs lie for the moment.”

Meanwhile, an online petition to reinstate the suspended Top Gear presenter has now attracted nearly 700,000 supporters. The petition, launched by “Guido Fawkes” after news of Clarkson’s suspension broke on Tuesday, states: “We the undersigned petition the BBC to reinstate Jeremy Clarkson. Freedom to fracas. #BringBackClarkson”.

Prime Minister David Cameron has also voiced his support for the suspended presenter, saying: “Because he is such a huge talent and he amuses and entertains so many people, including my children, who’d be heartbroken if Top Gear was taken off air, I hope this can be sorted out, because it’s a great programme and he’s a great talent.”

Following the alleged incident, Top Gear will not be broadcast on Sunday (March 15) as planned. It is also expected that the BBC will drop two further episodes of the motoring show which were due to round off its current series.