A video store that only stocks VHS copies of ‘Jerry Maguire’ is opening in LA

It's the arty brainchild of video collective Everything is Terrible!

A video store that only stocks VHS copies of Jerry Maguire is set to open in LA.

The store is the art project of LA visual collective Everything is Terrible!, who have collected over 14,000 video copies of the Oscar-winning 1996 film, which starred Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr – a feat achieved mainly thanks to fan submissions. An online tally of those submissions – which also explains that the collective have the ultimate goal of “collecting every single living Jerry Maguire VHS tape and delivering them to their final resting place, a pyramid in the desert” – reveals that one person sent in over 1400 copies of the film alone.

‘The Jerry Maguire Store’ will open in LA on January 13 and run until January 29, where it will be located at the iam8bit Gallery (on 2147 Sunset). The ‘Store’ will be made up to look like a VHS store from the ’90s, but instead of offering a selection of titles, it will only house the 14,000 video copies of Jerry Maguire that have been collected.

The ‘Store’ will also be hosting a number of events at its temporary location during the course of the exhibition, which will see appearances from the likes of Chrome Canyon, Mike Diva, and Daedelus.