Jessica Chastain takes to TikTok to remind the world that she’s not Bryce Dallas Howard

"I'm fucking sick of it"

Jessica Chastain has taken to TikTok to say that she is “fucking sick” of being compared to Bryce Dallas Howard.

The actor posted a video of herself on the social media platform lip-syncing “I’m fucking sick of it” over the words to ‘Into the Thick of It’ from kids TV show The Backyardigans.

The caption to the video read: “When you spend 20yrs building a career and they still think you work at Jurassic Park.”


This isn’t the parent trap y’all

♬ Sick Of It – KingDiaaa2


The confusion between both actors has been longstanding. On The Graham Norton Show, Howard confirmed that the pair were misidentified even before they were famous. Both went to college in New York and visited the same Starbucks, where the barista would mix up their orders.

Watch the clip below.

In 2015, Chastain also recalled that before her career took off, she was approached by a group of teens who praised her for Howard’s movie The Village.

“I had this moment of, do I tell them that they’re wrong and it’s not me, or do I pretend I’m Bryce,” she said on The Tonight Show. “So I pretended I was Bryce.”


In the same year, Chastain posted a video of her alleged doppelgänger on her Instagram page. It featured Howard lip-syncing to their own parody song ‘I Am Not Jessica Chastain (Bryce Dallas Howard)’.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth Olsen recently claimed that she witnessed Chastain rescue Naomi Watts from a security guard who “assaulted” her at fashion show.

“I was part of one of the craziest things I had ever seen,” Olsen said on YouTube series First We Feast.