Jim Carrey accuses Donald Trump of ‘kidnapping children’ in award acceptance speech

The actor dedicated his award to several people Trump has criticised

Jim Carrey accused Donald Trump of “kidnapping children” as he collected an award at Los Angeles’ Britannia Awards on Friday (October 26).

The actor received the Charlie Chaplin Award for Humour at the ceremony and used his acceptance speech to take aim at the current US President.

Speaking about the star the award takes its name from, Carrey said: “He took on the American right wing of his day, its worst evils, hatred of immigrants, contempt for the truth, greed, and the abuse of power. We are fighting those same evils today.”


Referencing Trump’s immigrant detention policy, which saw thousands of children separated from their families, the actor continued: “Shamelessness is not, nor will ever be, a superpower. It is the mark of a villain. Kidnapping children is not what great nations do. Almost half of America at this moment believes there is a sinister deep state diabolically plotting to… what? Give them healthcare?”

He went on to dedicate the award to Christopher Steele, the author behind the Trump dossier, Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, NFL player Colin Kaepernick, and Robert De Niro, who was one of several high-profile Democrats and Trump critics to receive a pipe bomb in the mail.

“We in America are misinformed,” Carrey said. “Reality shows have warped our idea of what a hero is, or what the truth is. So tonight I’d like to dedicate this award to those who remind us of our virtues, who remind us of the truth.”

Earlier this year, Carrey encouraged his fans to delete their Facebook accounts after it was revealed the company profited from Russian interference in the 2016 US election. The actor used to own stocks in the social media network but told his Twitter followers he was “dumping” them in protest.