Jim Carrey pens essay saying America “faces catastrophe” if Trump is reelected

The actor wrote an essay urging Americans to vote him out

Jim Carrey has written an essay saying the US is facing “catastrophe” if Donald Trump is reelected.

The actor explained in The Atlantic how much damage he thinks POTUS has already caused, comparing the politician’s current behaviour to The Godfather‘s Michael Corleone.

“The truth is, we should all be seriously concerned,” Carrey’s essay begins.


“The United States faces catastrophe. That’s a word from my world—drama. In ancient Greek, katastrophḗ means ‘overturn,’ or ‘a sudden turn.’ This is what we have suffered. Untold American lives have been ruined by the presidency of Donald Trump.

“The rule of law is imperiled, our unity has been shattered, the service sector has been obliterated, and major cities are suffering. Black Americans, who have endured half a millennium of wickedness and brutality, now face more injustice and death.”

The actor went on to recall the events of last week when President Trump took to the White House.

“Last week, amid all this suffering, Trump and his acolytes held their Totally Illegal COVID-19 Super-Spreader Spectacular at the White House, in flagrant violation of the Hatch Act,” he wrote.

“It got me thinking about the great director Francis Ford Coppola, who masterfully wove together evil deeds and pious words in classic films. Watching Trump accept the nomination of the Republican Party in the people’s house during a pandemic he exacerbated was like watching Michael Corleone swear a sacred oath while his underlings settled scores across the city.”


Jim Carrey continued to write on his perceived dangers of Trump’s reelection, urging Americans to “vote in historic numbers” come November, “gathering all the ‘snowflakes until there’s a blizzard on Capitol Hill that no corrupt politician can survive.”