JJ Abrams, George Takei, Simon Pegg and more endorse anti-Trump letter published by Star Trek fan page ‘Trek Against Trump’

The page is encouraging Trek fans not to vote for the Republican candidate in the upcoming election

A letter published by a Star Trek fan page which urges fans of the series not to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming US election has been endorsed by numerous members of the Star Trek cast and crew, both past and present.

Trek Against Trump, who stress that they are not affiliated or indeed officially endorsed by CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Corp or the Star Trek franchise, posted the statement on Thursday (September 29) attacking the Republican candidate for being “an amateur with a contemptuous ignorance of national laws and international realities.”

The letter has attracted particular interest for the support it has gained from some high-profile names who have been involved with Star Trek over the years. JJ Abrams, who directed the 2012 film Star Trek Into Darkness, leads the lengthy list of endorsers of the statement.

Other signatures come from Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin, as well as actors Simon Pegg, Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana. Members of the cast from the earlier series, meanwhile, have also thrown their weight behind the letter, including George Takei, Le Var Burton and Scott Bakula.

Read the full letter from Trek Against Trump below.

Back in August, veteran Star Trek actor William Shatner – who did not endorse Trek Against Trump’s statement – apologised for the 1989 film Star Trek V, which was panned by critics and bombed commercially.