JJ Abrams reveals why Star Wars Episode 9 is called ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

"I know it's provocative and asks a bunch of questions..."

JJ Abrams has revealed more about the title of the forthcoming Star Wars movie, after it was revealed that the final film in the trilogy would be called The Rise of Skywalker.

The name was revealed earlier this week when the first teaser trailer for the colossally anticipated film was unveiled. Abrams is returning as director, having helmed The Force Awakens in 2015, before handing the reins to Rian Jo

“The title feels like it’s the right title for this movie and I know it’s provocative and asks a bunch of questions, but I think when you see the movie, you’ll see how it’s intended and what it means,” Abrams told ET Live at a Star Wars Celebration in Chicago.


“But in the flow of titles, this movie had a very weird responsibility. It had to be the end of not just three movies, but nine movies, and the idea of having to incorporate the stories that have come before, strangely, is the story of the movie,” Abrams said.

“Which is to say it’s the characters in the film inheriting everything that’s come before in previous generations, whether it’s sins of the father, whether it’s the wisdom they’ve acquired, and the question is can this new generation… are they up to the task? Can they stand up to what they have to?

“So in a way I feel like we, coming into this movie, have inherited a lot, and the question is ‘can we do enough’?”

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that the Star Wars franchise is going on a hiatus after the release of Episode 9, according to Disney boss Bob Iger.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Iger confirmed that Episode 9 would be the last film for a while although “other” movies were “in development”.