JK Rowling reviews Violent Femmes’ debut album for Ruth and Martin’s Album Club

Rowling's opinion on the classic 1983 album change dramatically on her second listen

JK Rowling has reviewed Violent Femmes’ eponymous 1983 debut album for the latest instalment of Ruth and Martin’s Album Club.

The Harry Potter author follows in the footsteps of Ian Rankin, Josie Rourke and Richard Osman in sharing her thoughts on an album she has never heard before for the popular weekly feature. The rules required Rowling to listen to ‘Violent Femmes’, often hailed as one of the best albums of the ’80s, at least three times before writing down her thoughts.

Rowling explains that on first listen, she has “an immediate, visceral response of ‘no, scratch everything, I hate this'” to singer Gordon Gano’s voice, writing that “his upper register sounds like a bee in a plastic cup”.

However, on her second listen, Rowling’s opinion on Gano’s voice changes and she writes that he now sounds “raw, catchy and soulful” to her. Her opinion on the album continues to improve the next time she plays it. “On the third listen, I realised that I loved the album,” she writes. “Before I knew it, I was listening to it over and over again.”

Rowling goes on to give the album a more than respectable score out of 10. Read the full review on Ruth And Martin’s Album Club.