JK Rowling takes to Twitter to vent her frustrations over Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership

'Harry Potter' author says the party's current situation "isn't bloody funny"

JK Rowling has taken to Twitter to vent her frustrations over Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party.

A YouGov poll published by The Times yesterday (August 31) found that Corbyn, far more popular with party members than its MPs, is likely to retain the leadership ahead of challenger Owen Smith, who is a hefty 24 points behind.

Seemingly in response to the poll, the Harry Potter author tweeted yesterday: “One day in the far distant future we’ll look back and we WONT LAUGH, LABOUR, BECAUSE THIS ISN’T BLOODY FUNNY.”

Then, when a follower asked her, “what do you when you can’t sleep?”, Rowling replied: “Try to stop thinking about Jeremy Corbyn.”

After her political views prompted criticism from some of her followers, Rowling remained defiant, tweeting wryly: “I’m going nowhere! Little known fact about filthy bourgeois neoliberal centrists – we’re tougher than you’d think ;)”

She also thanked those who had sent her supportive messages following her tweets about the Labour Party leadership, saying: “To everyone who has sent me truly beautiful messages in the last few hours (including some Corbyn supporters), thank you xxx”

Meanwhile, she has also said in response to a jibe about her tax bill from a follower: “I have nothing to fear from Corbyn except the destruction of the Labour party.”