‘Joker’ actor mistook Joaquin Phoenix for “irritating” extra during on-set incident

"He was just laughing too loud"

Joker actor Gary Gulman has detailed an on-set incident in which he claims Joaquin Phoenix irritated him while shooting.

The actor plays a comedian in the box office beating movie, but told Collider a funny story about Phoenix’s “irritating” behaviour during production.


Gulman, who is a comedian in real life as well, made an appearance as the stand-up in the scene where Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck attends a dingy comedy club in Gotham.

During the scene, Fleck laughs at Gulman’s jokes in the wrong places, putting the comedian off his stride. Interestingly, the tactic appears to have had a similar effect without the cameras running.

“The one thing I will say that was a little bit irritating is that when I was running through my set, there were all these extras, and they’d clearly been told that I was doing well, so they were laughing and enthusiastic,” said Gulman.

“And there was one extra who was so enthusiastic in his laughter that it was throwing off my timing.

“He was just laughing too loud, and right when I was about to say something to Todd [Phillips] about maybe getting the guy not to laugh so loud, I realised that it was Joaquin Phoenix.”

Later, Gulman went on to declare the tale his “best Joker story”. He added: “I can’t believe it took me six takes to figure out that the man with the really bizarre laugh was the Joker.”


The news comes after Phoenix walked out of a promotional interview with The Telegraph in which he was asked a controversial question about the film’s social politics.

Phoenix later returned for the rest of the interview, but only after consulting with his PR at Warner Bros.

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